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Muxer One

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This is the Muxer One, the production version of the muxbox.

The first batch is limited to 100 units.

Estimated delivery: May 2022

Units sold: at least one I think

Refund policy: You can request a full refund up until the day of delivery. Afterwards, if it really doesn't work within 90 days we'll accept returns but please reach out and we'll try to solve your issues first. We aren't a huge company and care deeply about IRL streaming so we'd rather fix your problem. :)

What's included/what's not included?

You will get one Muxer One, a physical hardware product. For this version, you will also need a power bank, modems, and your own data plan. You will also need a cell phone (Android or iOS) to connect and configure the Muxer One. See FAQ for more details.


  1. 1x HDMI input
  2. 4x USB to connect your USB modems
  3. 1x USB-C power delivery
  4. Onboard wifi + bluetooth


What happens when I buy this?

We'll reach out and say hi! Around April 2022, we're anticipating the first batch of 100 to be produced and you'll get a package in the mail, then hopefully it's smooth sailing from there.

Why should I buy this?

This is the first commercial product from Muxable, muxfd's company. We envision making IRL streaming accessible to the masses. All sales and feedback go to support that vision.

What's the setup experience like? Is it like a LiveU?

  1. Plug in the power.
  2. Connect your modems to the USB ports.
  3. Use the Muxer's wifi to stream to Twitch from your GoPro!

We hope that's simpler than that of a LiveU :)

How big is it?

The size of three cell phones stacked on top of each other.

Does it support a GoPro?

Yes, the Muxer One's vision is fully wireless streaming. It will support fully wireless streaming from a GoPro, along with instructions for how to do so. You won't need a media mod.

Do I need a camlink?

No, an HDMI encoder is included for wired streaming from HDMI-outputting cameras.

What resolution is supported?

The Muxer One will support 1080p60 at 6 Mb/s HEVC at launch. 

Will it support multiple camera sources?

Yes, however you will need a separate encoder (eg Elgato Camlink) for additional sources or send them over RTMP.

Can I use my phone as a modem?

Yes, you can use your phone's data plan as a modem by wifi tethering it to the Muxer One. The Muxer One has only one onboard wifi radio however, so if you are wireless streaming or want more than one modem you can connect your phones using either a USB cable and USB tethering your phone or buying a wifi dongle (like this one), one per phone.

Does it support modem bonding?

Yes, it supports bonding up to 16 modems. USB hubs are supported, however you will need to be aware of power consumption requirements. Please reach out if you anticipate connecting more than four modems.

Is SRT supported?

No, however we do not use RTMP over cell networks.

Are there any monthly fees?

No, a cloud bonding server is included free of charge for this version of the Muxer as a way of saying thanks for supporting the first version of the Muxer. You will still need an OBS server if you wish to add overlays.

Can I use a self-hosted cloud bonding server?

Yes, but we'd really prefer if you don't. Details for how to do this will be published after release. If we decide to charge for a cloud bonding server, we will share instructions on how to self-host as well.

What kind of power bank works?

Any USB-C Power Delivery power bank that supplies at least 30W, such as this one, will work.

Can you sell me a setup that works for all configurations?

Yes, please wait for the Muxer Two :)

Will future versions be this cheap?

No, this version is sold at a lower price point because there will be some scuff and polish needed. Rest assured, the product is designed to accommodate over-the-air updates so they will get polished over time but out the door, we will request feedback and iron out issues as they go.

Do I have to be a streamer/can I buy this as a collectible item?

No you don't have to be, but each unit is sold at a loss right now. We'd love it if you tried streaming especially if you aren't streaming today :)

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, however shipping may take longer than domestic US locations.

Where can I ask more questions?

Please ask in this discord on the #muxer-one channel:

Your stream is so scuffed! Why would I buy this?

That's ok, I have six months to convince you that it won't be scuffed :) Just remember we're only making 100 units in the first release. When it's sold out, it's sold out.