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one upon a time, there was a google engineer, for years he worked on flights for google and in his free time played basketball near the local school, over time he got bored, and got into one little fight with some boys making trouble in his neighborhood. so one day his life got flipped on its head, he quit google, went to NYC, this is the life and story of the kid who once wore NIKE air


Muxfd had a sexy $70 haircut. He's legit.


Next perm when?


He used to work at Google.


Mux is a very sweet guy with beautiful hair and a beautiful smile. Ladies, he is single please send him a message before he gets snatched up. He won't be on the market very long


Mux makes me very comfortable KappaPride


This guy spends $22 on a lobster sandwich. Don't buy anything he's selling. He's not to be trusted. 1/5 stars


one time i told mux to throw raw steak against a wall and if it stuck, you knew it was still good. he didn't listen to me and that's how you know muxer one is 100% real and definitely not fake.

Dilly Buns